Dean's Welcome Note

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the faculty of political science, economics, and business administration. The faculty has much to offer, building on high-quality teaching, excellent research, and business/community engagement.

I am pleased to report that we are now offering various programs. These include the Political Science program, Economics program, and Business program. The business program includes accounting, finance & investment, marketing, and business administration. These business programs will help you adapt to the complex and constantly changing business environment, including the globalization of our economy and technological advances. They will give you a credential that can serve as a launching pad for various business operation and leadership positions, as well as an advanced degree in business if desired.

Whether you are looking for personal growth and enrichment, a certificate or degree, the faculty of political science, economics, and business administration is here to support you in achieving those educational goals. Even if you have an interest in other areas of study, most professions have some overlap with many business principles, and many of the courses the faculty offers will aid in your success.

Our faculty has a team of exceptional faculty with years of experience in their respective professions and a curriculum designed to prepare you for success.

We are looking forward to contributing to your future professional success