Academic Year 2023 – 2024

MUC English Language Placement Test (MET)

All new applicants are required to take the MUC English Language Placement (MET) as an essential part of their application process. Applicants are required to pass the MET with a minimum score of B1 to validate their:

  • English language ability against the English language demands required to succeed as students in the international university learning environment offered at MUC.
  • >Eligibility for MUC Scholarship Program.
WHY take MET ?

At MUC, English language is the medium of instruction and it is mandatory for students to have acceptable English language skills in order to read textbooks, understand lectures, write assignments, deliver presentations, submit projects as well as to graduate with the necessary potentials required in the international job market.
MET is an effective and accurate tool to place applicants on the right English language courses to ensure they succeed in their studies in their chosen field of specialization and later in their careers.


MUC has chosen the Dynamic Placement Test by ClarityEnglish for its English Language Placement test – MET . The Dynamic Placement Test is devised, written and maintained by telc, the EU’s leading language testing specialist – trusted since 1975.

MET assess the new applicants’ English language Placement level in the four basic Language Elements essential for excellence in academic study and communication: Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, and Listening. (Read more on Test Structure ...)

The MET :
  • Is taken on a computer with an internet connection.
  • Takes approximately 30-minutes to complete.
  • Is randomised so that no two applicants get the same questions.
  • Scores follow the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Generates a Certificate for each applicant with the test score and CEFR level.
  • Features a variety of texts from a wide range of English accents representing different societies & cultures.

HOW to Prepare for MET ?

Applicants MUST prepare carefully and attempt MET ON-CAMPUS ONLY through the Admission Office. (Watch: Test Guide Video)

Applicants can consider the following:
  • Stay stress-free by familiarizing yourself with the test structure and content.
  • Check ILETS / TOEFL exams’ samples online. (MET IS NOT one of these exams but it can be cross-referenced with them.)
  • Questions are divided on-to parts that run in a specific sequence.
  • Questions must be answered in their specific order.
  • Answers must be submitted during the time allowed on-screen.
  • Time is crucial in MET and must be used sensibly.

WHO Takes MET ?
All new applicants to MUC are required to take the MET .

Holders of the following certificates/ degrees are EXEMPTED:
  • Test Certificate of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with minimum score of 46
  • Test Certificate of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with minimum score of 5.5
  • (IGCSE/A- level) International General Certificate of Secondary Education:
  •       English 1st Language subject with a minimum grade of (B)
  •       Or English 2nd Language with a minimum grade of (A)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB):
  •       English HL subject with a minimum grade of (4)
  •       Or English SL subject with a minimum grade of (3)
  • PTA Academic certificate with score more than or equal (42)
  • Other equivalent internationally recognized English Language Placement certificates
  • Native speakers of English Language

MET Procedure
  • MET is administrated on-campus Sunday through Thursday. Multiple test sessions are available daily; each starts at the top of the hour from 10:00 to 15:00.
  • On the date/day of the test, applicants MUST arrive at MUC at least one hour before the test session time and should head to the Admission Office to finalize all financial and admin admission requirements.
  • Applicants can also attend the 15-20 minutes Info Session offered by the Department of Humanities & Languages on the MET content & structure.
  • Applicants must be punctual to start the MET at the top of the hour or else they wait for the following session.

MET Scores
MET results reflect the Common European Framework (CEFR), which is the international standard for evaluating English language skills. The CEFR banding is divided into three tiers comprised of six marked scales. The evaluative categories are basic user, independent user and proficient user.

MET Score Requirements
  • MUC requires a minimum score of B1 for applicants to join the university and register in the Credit English Language Course(s) offered in the bylaw of their relevant faculty.
  • Applicants whose performance levels are at Pre-A, A1, or A2 are allowed a SECOND Attempt. Admission Office will assist applicants to book their Second Attempt on-campus.
  • Applicants who do not succeed to score B1 on their Second Attempt of MET will have their Parent/ Guardian sign a Parental Consent Form to register in the Non-Credit University Requirement course: ENG100 (General English I) in Semester one.
  • Enrolling in ENG100 will impact the applicant’s eligibility to MUC Scholarship Program offered at MUC as well as their academic load in Semester one as per the Study Plan of their relevant faculty. (Learn more about MUC Scholarship program 2023-2024)
  • Passing ENG100 becomes a Pre-requisite for registering in the Credit English Language Course(s) offered in the Bylaw of the student’s faculty.

MET Preparation Course
  • Applicants have the choice to attend MUC Test Preparation Course offered by the English Language Support Centre (ESC) on-campus at MUC before attempting MET whether in the First or Second Attempts. (Learn more on ESC activities)
  • MUC Test Preparation Course is a 5-day course that runs from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm daily. The course aims to help applicants achieve the required score efficiently.
  • In the Test Preparation Course, applicants will be introduced to samples of the various English Language Placement tests, given useful study tools and get acquainted with different tests procedures.

For more information/ further inquiries regarding MET , applicants can contact The Department of Humanities & Languages at MUC.
or VISIT US ON-CAMPUS in Building A @ A401.