Welcome to the English Language Program

We are delighted to welcome our students as they start their exceptional learning journey at MUC. The English Language program is established as an integral part of the university with the aim to enrich and enhance students’ English language proficiency level to flourish and reside in today’s ever-growing and changing world.

The English Language program welcomes students at all English language skill levels and provides them with an engaging English language learning experience that respects students’ backgrounds and addresses their different learning needs.

By creating an outstanding language learning opportunity, the English Language program is committed to support MUC students to develop their English language skills to achieve their academic success and life-long career goals.

Vision , Mission & Goals

Our Vision
The English Language program at May University in Cairo (MUC) aims to enhance the English language proficiency level of the students to succeed in the international university learning environment offered at MUC and to meet the challenges of today’s challenging local and international job market after graduation.

Our Mission
Our mission in the English Language program is to develop the English language ability of the students in the basic language skills essential for excellence in academic study and everyday communication. The English Language program manages and offers Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, and Advanced English Language courses that help students achieve their English language learning goals. This is achieved through efficient English language instruction by highly qualified teaching instructors utilizing effective content-based and learner-centred approaches developed to meet the real-life needs the students. To further ensure an efficient learning experience, all courses are offered in a welcoming small-classroom setting that is both inclusive and friendly.

Our Goals
Through well-planned, thoughtful and deliberate curriculum development, textbooks selection, instructional material preparation, assessments and examinations design, and explicit face-to-face instruction, the goal of the English Language program is to improve the quality and impact of the students’ English language learning experience so that they are able to:
  • Develop confidence in learning and using the English Language
  • Advance their basic language skills in the comprehension, listening, speaking, reading, and writing of the English Language
  • Expand their vocabulary and develop fluency in using varied grammatical structures
  • Use English consistently and efficiently both the academic and everyday settings
  • Boost their independent learning skills to observe and correct their language output
  • Expand social and cultural knowledge related to English language

Student Eligibility

Student eligibility for the courses offered by the English Language program at MUC is determined through MUC English Language Placement Test (MET). MET results reflect the international standard for evaluating English language skills: CEFR. A minimum score of B1 is required for students to register in the English Language Credit Courses offered in the Bylaw of their relevant faculty. Students who score Pre-A, A1, or A2 in the MET are required to register in the Non-Credit University Requirement English Language Course (General English - ENG100) in Semester one. (For more details on MET press here ....)

Meet Our Teaching Instructors

Because we aspire to support our students to gain a life-changing language learning experience, students are always welcomed to visit us at the English Language program for all inquiries regarding the courses offered. See you @A401!