May University in Cairo (MUC) is a multidisciplinary private university in Cairo, Egypt. Located in 15 May city and established by the republican decree 560 / 2019.
Top reasons to choose MUC:

  • World Class Education : MUC aims to deliver a world-class university education through a strong focus on academic excellence and practical knowledge, spearheaded by unrivalled teaching staff and collaborations with some of the most renowned universities around the world preparing our students to be future leaders, equipped with the essential skills and knowledge, to meet the local, regional, and international labor market needs.

  • Smart University : MUC is equipped with the latest and most advanced educational resources; facilities are sophisticated and play a large role in student life (Smart classrooms and labs).

  • A Global Campus : A state-of-the-art campus with open spaces, indoor and outdoor facilities, and a strong focus on an eco-friendly ethos. The campus is surrounded by greenery and a breathtaking landscape and the entire ampus is connected using a cutting-edge information technology infrastructure.

  • Practice-based Learning : The learning methods rely mainly on the on-hand experience, Therefore MUC provides the students with state-of-the-art labs, internship opportunities, and a wide range of extra-curricular activities including groups and clubs which further develop students' interests and help to build on their technical and non-academic skills.

  • Accreditation: MUC operates under the Decree of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt issuing Law No. 560 of 2019 which means that all the degrees awarded by the university are accredited and their holder will be able to apply to the syndicate of their chosen program.