Vision , Mission & Values

Our Vision
May University in Cairo seeks to provide sustainability of learning and contribute to the communities it serves through excellence and leadership of education, innovation, research, and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission
May University in Cairo provides transformative educational experience for students focused on multidisciplinary knowledge and life-long learning. May University in Cairo dedicates itself to academic vitality, integrity, and diversity. Our responsible and ethical research and teaching will enhance sustainable wellbeing through expanding cooperation with partner institutions, maintain close contacts with business and society. University faculties and staff will foster and further develop our local and regional ecosystem by sharing their energy, talents, and experience.

Our values

  • Knowledge: We are ambitious in our pursuit of new ideas, greater understanding and discovery.
  • Wisdom: We share and apply our knowledge and experience to guide balanced and evidenced decisions for ourselves and for society.
  • Humanity: We embrace and celebrate difference, respect and support each other, and act with integrity to benefit society and the environment by transforming and enriching lives.
  • Academic freedom: We support with enthusiasm and vigour the principles of freedom of thought and speech.
  • Courage: We think and speak freely, and act boldly to challenge assumptions and shape our future for the greater good.

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