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08Sep 2022

Seminar entitled "Prevention is better than cure"

Believing in the societal role of the university in enlightening society and spreading health awareness The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector at the Faculty of Physiotherapy, Mayo University, in cooperation with the Egyptian Public Library, organized a symposium entitled "Prevention is better than treatment" on the sidelines of the celebration of the International Day of Physiotherapy, corresponding to 8-9-20 2022.The symposium included how to prevent spinal pain and osteoarthritis, as well as the health specifications of the school bag.

13Aug 2022

In a visit to the Engineering Studies Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities

The committee supported its happiness with the distinguished level of construction, equipment and laboratories Student support services for the College of Engineering, as well as the facilities and internet services provided by the university. It also reviewed the academic regulations of the College of Engineering and endorsed its appreciation for the distinguished academic cooperation between Mayo University and Hayrwat University in the United Kingdom.

09Aug 2022

In a visit to the Sector Committee for Physiotherapy Studies at the Supreme Council of Universities

Headed by a professor, Dr. / Amira Al-Tohamy Head of the sector committee for physiotherapy studies. Professor Dr. Jihan El Miniawy Former Dean of the Faculty of Physiotherapy at Cairo University. Professor Dr. Amal Abdel Baqi Vice Dean for Graduate Studies, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Cairo University. The committee commended the university and college’s financial and human equipment and capabilities, as the College of Physiotherapy was equipped with the latest equipment and educational aids and the quality of educational programs and curricula with the presence of a distinguished elite of faculty members. It also reviewed the college’s academic regulations and supported its approval.

22Feb 2022

Online Admission Open

The Department of Admission, Registration and Examinations at May University welcomes new students.

01Jan 2021

Staff & Hr application and interviews

The University wishes to attract and engage staff from a wide and diverse background and proactively seeks to avoid unfair bias in its processes. Please visit Careers & Jobs

02Oct 2019

Republican Decree No. 560 of 2019

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi issued Republican Decree No. 560 of 2019, regarding the establishment of the private Mayo University, which will have a private legal personality, and is located in 15th of May City, Cairo Governorate.