Prof. Ismail El Sayed

Professor Ismail received his PhD in Business Administration, North Texas State University, U.S.A, with a major in Marketing, minor in Management Science and Statistics, and outside area in Philosophy of Science and Methodology.

He is a holder of Master of Business Administration from North Texas State University, U.S.A., Master of Business Administration, Alexandria University, Egypt, & B.Sc., Business Administration, Cairo University, Egypt. Prof. Ismail has over 25 published papers in international and Egyptian scientific periodical, and 7 Published Textbooks (in Arabic Language). He taught in many institutes including UTM at USA, Alexandria University, Nile University, Alamin University, and Academy for science, technology and Maritime transportation. He also teach marketing courses and research methodology in Kuwait, Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.

Professor Ismail did many studies and consultations in both Kuwait and Egypt including a study for The Ministry Cabinet of Kuwait: An Evaluation of the Quality of the Public Services provided by all ministries, in Kuwaiti Government from Citizens perspectives and Designing a Managerial and Marketing Strategies to Enhance the Quality of those Services. A study for a Proposed New Islamic Bank in Kuwait: A thorough Feasibility Study for The Main Entrepreneurs. Studies for Banking Sciences Institution of Kuwait: An Assessment of the Banking Institution Managerial Policies during 25 years of serving Banks in Kuwait, and Setting a Strategic Managerial View for the Institution in the Coming 10 Years. A study for ElHasawy Company for cooling and air conditioning business. Kuwait State.

He worked as a marketing consultant for El-Manara Company for construction and Development Company. 6 October City. Cairo. He supervised many master of science, and PhD. dissertations in Alexandria University, Emirates, Qatar, and Academy for science, technology and Maritime transportation in Alexandria.

Professor Ismail is the winner of Carl P. Savage award for best research paper in the south east area of USA, and has a bachelor degree with honorary degree from Cairo University. He is also a permanent honorary member of Alpha Mu marketing magazine for his excellent performance in studying marketing.