Dr. Marwa Nazeer

Dr. Marwa Nazeer is a scholar celebrated for her significant contributions to political sciences and international humanitarian law. Earning her B.A with distinction from the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences at Cairo University in 2000, she advanced her academic journey with an M.A and a Ph.D. from the same institution, conducting pioneering research on the International Criminal System and UN peacekeeping operations respectively. Over the years, Dr. Marwa has held influential positions, including her role as an Associate Professor at NCSCR, an expert lecturer at the National Center for Social and Criminal Research in Egypt, and a Consultant for the ILO. She's been associated with esteemed entities like the Supreme Standing Committee for Human Rights, Cairo Regional Center for Training on Conflict Resolution, and the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies. Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Dr. Marwa has taken an active interest in areas ranging from migration studies and human rights to media studies and gender research. She also possesses commendable expertise in translating political and social research papers and has been instrumental in organizing numerous international conferences.