Manar Mahmoud Alsharkawy

Manar Mahmoud Alsharkawy is a talented and ambitious individual born in Egypt in 2000. She achieved academic excellence at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Alexandria University, where she graduated with honors and an excellent overall grade in 2022. Currently, Manar is pursuing her master's degree in political science and actively engaged in research in the field. During her undergraduate years, Manar demonstrated her passion for political science by being an active member of the Scientific Association for Political Science. She further showcased her skills by taking responsibility for designing the association's political magazine in 2022. Her dedication to academic and intellectual pursuits is evident in her participation in the Fifth Science Conference organized by the Faculty of Economics and Political Science. Presently, Manar is contributing to the academic community as a Demonstrator in the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at May University in Cairo. With her strong academic background and commitment to her field, Manar is poised to make meaningful contributions to the world of political science and beyond.