Dr. Omnia Samy Abd Halem Sobh

Omnia Samy Abd Halem Sobh is an accomplished Lecturer at May University in Cairo. With a strong academic background, she obtained her BSc in 2004 and pursued further studies, earning an MSc and Ph.D., which allowed her to specialize in both management and human resource management. Throughout her career, Omnia has successfully applied her knowledge, skills, and behaviors across various industrial fields. She is known for her ability to understand and cater to the needs of students and customers, aligning modern HRM theories and trends in her teaching and consultancy services. Her expertise extends beyond academia, as she has worked with a consulting team to provide valuable services to renowned companies such as Egypt Company for Food Industries, the Central Body for Organization and Management, Social Fund for Development, and Ted-Lamond. Omnia's dedication to enhancing professional skills is evident through her provision of numerous training programs. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including successful human resources management practices, effective leadership, administrative communications, customer satisfaction measurement, and team management. With her multidisciplinary background and practical experiences, Omnia Samy Abd Halem Sobh continues to make significant contributions to the fields of management and human resource management, positively impacting both the academic and industrial sectors.