Dr. Mahitab Maher

Mahitab Maher is an accomplished Lecturer in the Humanities Department at May University in Cairo since 2022. She has a strong background in digital marketing, communication management, and public relations, having worked as a lecturer in these fields at various Arab and Egyptian universities. Her expertise also extends to video and photo editing and design software. Mahitab holds a Ph.D. in Digital Media from Cairo University, earned in 2014. Her doctoral thesis focused on "Egyptian Elites Uses of the Internet and their Attitudes Towards its Credibility: A Field and Analytical Study." Additionally, she holds a Diploma in Digital Media from the American University in Cairo. Her contributions to the field of digital media have been widely recognized through her published research in international and Arab journals. Some of her notable works include "Transformations and Trends in the Scientific Journalism as Viewed by the Egyptian Media and Scientific Community," "The mechanisms of the new media in facing terrorism and extremist ideology as seen by the Egyptian media elite," and "Digital Media Economics in the Arab World: Shahid. net a model," among others. Mahitab has also actively participated in various conferences, presenting her research findings and insights on topics such as investigative journalism in Arab Spring countries, sports electronic media, and the credibility of news sites on the internet. With her extensive academic background and research contributions, Mahitab Maher continues to make significant strides in the field of digital media, making her a respected figure in the academic community.