Dr. Hassan Ibrahim

In addition to his Ph.D., Dr. Hassan holds an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Minufiya University, where he focused on the fields of neural networks, intrusion detection systems, and network security. His research and studies during this period have enriched his expertise in these domains. During his undergraduate studies at Tanta University - Kafr El-Sheikh branch, Hassan achieved exceptional academic performance. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer and Automatic Control Engineering, earning a cumulative grade of Very Good with honors. His outstanding academic achievements led him to have the first rank in the Department of Computer Engineering and Automatic Control.

Dr. Hassan proposed a cutting-edge model that combines deep learning techniques and big data analytics to detect and mitigate distributed attacks. This model significantly enhances the security measures for complex systems. In order to address security challenges in IoT environments, Hassan developed a model that offers enhanced security solutions by targeting Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks in the sensing, network, and application layers.

Dr. Hassan's research interests span across various areas including network security, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT security at the sensing, network, and application layers. He is passionate about exploring innovative solutions to enhance the security of networks and IoT systems.