Ahmed Gehad

Eng/ Ahmed Gehad is an Assistant Lecturer at Robotics, Interactive and Autonomous systems program.

Ahmed has a BSc. Degree of Mechatronics Engineering from October 6 University, class 2013, and the university honoured him in the science day for being the first of his class with grade Excellent with honour and an Excellent Graduation Project, the graduation project’s title was “Designing and Controlling a 3D Printer Machine". He is working on his MSc. at Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Design and Production Engineering Department, System Dynamics specialist. The thesis title is “Control of a Wearable Lower Limb Exoskeleton to Mimic Human Gait for Paraplegics”.

Ahmed Gehad has nine years of experience in academic work. He joined October 6 University in 2014 as a teaching assistant till 2022 in Mechatronics Engineering Department. During this time period, he represented the University in numerous international and local robotics competitions, in addition, Organizing robotic competitions, he was chosen to represent the University in a panel led by the Presidential Advisory Council of Scientists and Experts Mr. Hany El Kateb, whose task was to design and develop an effectual way to filter the Nile from impurities, he was assigned to control a wood-plastic extruder for civil engineering department that was presented to the prime minister Eng. Ibrahim Mahlab.