Kawthar Mahmoud

Eng. Kawthar Mahmoud is a Teaching assistant at Basic Science Department.

She obtained a B.SC in chemistry from Shebhin university 2016, Her bachelor’s degree is very good with honor degree, followed by premaster by excellent with honor degree Also, she is master reasercher in organic chemistry specified in organic synthesis of new and complex compounds which used in drugs and other fields.

She began her career in 2017 started work as ateaching assistant in ahram Canadian university faculty of engineering followed by work in cairo university credit department as ateaching assistant during her work she was assisting in tutorial of chemistry in addition work in lap experiments followed by work for heigher institute of engineering in 15 may ..she has more than 5 years of experience in teaching chemistry in several universities by both methods (face to face and online) and this experience has inculcated a strong desire to facilitate students in learning strong concepts and be able to use chemicals resulted in correct results that would help them in subsequent stages of their careers.