Mahmoud Said Abd El Salam

Mahmoud Said is currently working as a full-time assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science, Economics, and Business Administration, at May University in Cairo (MUC). He graduated from Cairo University, in the faculty of engineering in the mining department with a bachelor’s degree, in 2015. He also held his master's degree from Cairo University, in 2022 and is currently seeking a Ph.D. candidate. He has in-depth knowledge and diverse expertise across the mining industry, field, and academia. His master's thesis reflects his academic specialization and taught courses, and it has entitled "Study of economic feasibility of phosphate ore beneficiation using financial risk analysis, modeling, and optimization including uncertainties” and with a published paper for a mining technology journal, an international economics ranked journal. His research and academic interests include mining economics, finance, financial risk analysis, and feasibility studies. He previously worked both for the faculty of engineering at Cairo university in 2017 and for the ministry of military production in 2020 and has dealt with many types of rocks, tests, fields, and projects across Egypt.