Nouran Mohaeb

Nouran is an assistant lecturer at the department of Marketing, Faculty of Political Science, Economics and Business Administration, May University in Cairo. In 2021, she got her Master’s degree in comparative media studies major marketing, Misr International University. In 2015, Nouran received her bachelor's degree from Mass Communication Faculty, Misr International University. Regarding her work experience, Nouran worked as a marketing and social media specialist in many marketing and advertising agencies. I have always been passionate about marketing because it forces me to get outside of my worldview and better understand the needs, desires, interests, and patterns of possible consumers. I aim to gain a Ph.D. degree to develop deep knowledge and research expertise in the marketing field. I believe that marketing is all around us, whether you realize it or not it is a part of your everyday life. Studying marketing will help you develop creativity as well as an analytic mindset and prepare you for a demanding career in the labor market.

Attended Conferences:
-Comparative Media Studies Conference (2019), Mass Communication Department, Faculty of Al-Alsun and Mass Communication, Misr International University.